Synthesize Distribution Consultant Work
International Transport Operation
Shipping Agency Operation
We take Japan distribution between Southeast Asia as an agency of Kobe and Osaka port.
International Combined Transport Integrated Operation
We stick to the integrated responsibility and deal with the international integrated operation of door-to-door combined container transport. Meanwhile, we can also present Combined Transport B/L and provide highly efficient services together with overseas agency network.

Import/Export Operation
Import/Export Operation
We possess an integrated system covering from filling of export document to going through loading formalities, able to quickly handle all kinds of inspection and distribution formalities. In addition, with regards to the delivery of imported cargoes, we are also able to provide safe and fast transport as well as conduct services of warehousing, categorizing and distributing.
Customs Clearance
With rich expertise and well-trained staff, we can provide quick and reliable customs clearance services for a variety of imported and exported items from general cargoes to complete sets of machinery equipment.

Warehousing, Processing Work
Warehousing Operation
We have the operation permit of warehousing and are able to provide computerized and smooth distribution and information services for the keeping and entering/leaving warehouses of general cargoes, precise instruments and complete sets of plant machinery.
We provide the packing service for various products including general cargoes and complete sets of large machinery equipment. As the auxiliary service, we can also provide the service of shrink film packing using contractive film packing machine for unit cargoes.
Processing Work
We increase the added values of imported cargoes (clothes, food, etc) by providing the processing work of garment inspection, needle inspection, sticking price label, hanging identification label and contraction packing of food.

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