Logistics Service System in China
Shanghai NIPPO International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Shanghai NIPPO
International Logistics Co., Ltd.
We established the Shanghai Representative Office in 1988, with Shanghai as the hub of logistics offices in China and being "quick, reliable and politeness" as the purpose, our company have established the excellent agency network to conduct basic import/export business as well as the distribution system in conformity with the import/export trade business which conduct processing work with the advantage of bonded warehouses and bonded supervision warehouses. Furthermore, in line with the open policy of the Chinese Government in 2007 on the foreign capital, we converted the Shanghai Representative Office into a local subsidiary that is "Shanghai NIPPO International Logistics Co., Ltd.". Based on this establishment of the local subsidiary, we are ready to response to various requirements of our clients. Besides, IS International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, which provides the integrated services from packing design to distribution. Shanghai Libao Fashion Arrangement Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, which provides the integrated services from the inspection to shipping of exported clothes. We believe that the distribution network of our company will be helpful to our customers.
Diagram of the logistics service system in China
Introduction of companies within the distribution system in China
Shanghai NIPPO International Logistics Co., Ltd.
We converted the Shanghai Representative Office which was established in 1988 into the local subsidiary in 2007. Based on this organization change in Shanghai, we provide our clients with various logistics services and related information on the combined integrated transport as well as logistics consultation not only in Shanghai but also in whole China.
(Established in 1988, Converted into a local subsidiary in 2007)
Hangzhou Representative Office
This office covers the cargo operations mainly in the Ningbo port, in the Shanghai port and also in the southern areas from the Zhejiang Province.
(Established in 1994)
Qingdao Representative Office
Our Qingdao office supplies comprehensive information about the Shandong area to Japan, as well as give loading assistance to ships between China and Japan and among Korea, China and Japan.
(Established in 2001)
Dalian Representative Office
At our Dalian office, we gather and circulate information on all of North-eastern China to support international transportation between China and Japan.
(Established in 2004)
Lianyungang Representative Office
We take the lead in establishing a Lianyungang Representative Office with a Japanese representative in the Lianyungang city which is rapidly developing based on the trading of timbers and related processed products.
(Established in 2007)
The head office located at Shanghai along with branch offices in Dalian, Hangzou and Guangzou, this company serves various clients in the business areas of package design, load test, procurements and sales of package materials, and also roles as trading agents.
(Established in 1997)
It is a joint venture located in Tianjin, mainly engaged in the repairing and cleaning of containers. It has obtained the qualification certificate of 1-grade forwarding company and can conduct cargo transport business, in addition to repairing 150 containers and cleaning 300 containers per month.
(Established in 1985)
In charge of the combined integrated transport from Hong Kong to inland China. Also, capable of trilateral transport among China and the neighboring countries.

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